This project is about hand made, minumental, representational, full body figures, portraits of individuals. 

They assert recognition, underpin relationships, promote their individuality through expressive body language and personal characteristics. The intention is that the sculptures will evoke a relational aesthetic interaction with the viewer, by sharing the space with him or her.
In most cases public sculptures have nothing to do with the average, “anonymous” person. I refer to the “anonymous” people in the broad sense that they are anonymous to the general knowledge of the public, but between the generalisation and the work, a contradiction lies. In general, the average person is called “anonymous” (a Greek word = without name) and the subject of my work is the average person but only to make it “eponymous” (= with a name). Individualization and uniqueness is celebrated and the minumentalisation of the anonymous is proposed to examine the different perceptions, the complex ideas and the expressive language it may ignite.

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