British Human Computer Interaction 2015

Our daily program is totally depended to electronic tools and media as our personal interaction with other people is mostly driven by technology. Observation of the people surrounding us has decreased so much. I dare say that we are absorbed by the touch screens which are about to become an extension of our hands.

I examine and demonstrate work in which hand made, minumental, representational, full body portraits of individuals are created.  The familiarity of the human figure  bridge the cognitive chasm between the viewer and the object, therefore the understanding improves. The viewer connects easily with the object and the object seize to be an object. It becomes the mould of our perception, facilitates understanding of an issue, bridge voids, balances chaos, stands for itself and leads, the viewer’s imagination to make subjective scenarios, reflections.
My investigation is about a complex web of interactions which take place in the process, between agencies which might traditionally understood as artist, subject, viewer, participant, recipient, audience and object. In times when social media offer the power to every individual to promote and publicize his/hers lifestyle, personality, thoughts and so much more, at an instance, 3D scanning and printing introduce an extra dimension to representational depiction: What  sculpture has to offer ? Its stillness to remind as to stop for a minute and think, dream, fly to another dimension, see things from another perspective.

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