Figurative art - perceptions

The human figure as a form and an image introduce us to a deep understanding and appreciation, concerning the person we are looking at.

The body language, the gender, the clothes, the environment in which we meet someone, the gaze, the light, everything seems to add something to our understanding of the person we meet. It is an intuitive interaction that takes place between two or more people. The familiarity of this interaction leads the direction of our perception when we are confronted with a human figure in art.
How do we interact with figurative art, do we form our perception based on reality or we we engage in a fantasy frame?
Our perception of the environment, space and elements usually allow us to create subjective scenarios, stories temporary hanging in a limbo, a vague idea of continuity to our own situation, life, memories. Sometimes we even feel the environment is critically looking back  to us or we feel disconnected.

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